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Bell Bay Deep Water Port

A Major Deep Water Port at the Heart of the Zone

The port of Bell Bay with its deep water access and laydown areas is a major port for domestic and international bulk goods as well as container services. It is ideally located adjacent to the Bell Bay Advanced Manufacturing Zone providing all-weather access, direct rail link and significant infrastructure capable of handling bulk and container freight movements. The port is accessible and navigable, with draft of up to 11.5 metres and an average tidal variation of 2.3 metres.

Bell Bay Deep Water Port
Laydown areas 

Bell Bay features extensive laydown areas both portside and waterside. Large level secure landside areas along with some

on-site buildings are available by arrangement with Tasports.

As a major trading port for bulk and break-bulk cargos, Bell Bay provides full port services including pilotage, towage, fuel, provisioning, stevedoring, quarantine and maintenance.

Local capabilities are further enhanced upstream by Southern Marine ShipLift’s Syncrolift. Located on the Tamar River approximately four hours steaming time from Bell Bay, it offers an out-of-water service and dockside ship repair service to all marine vessels.

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