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Get to know our Members


Modvale specialises in designing and constructing affordable modular and prefabricated living and work spaces. With practical designs and innovative construction techniques, Modvale sets the benchmark for quality, affordable and efficient modular buildings, offering faster time to occupancy and surety of completion when compared to conventional construction methods.

Confab Engineering

Confab Engineering has been operating for 60 years and currently has 15 employees including apprentices.
They offer Machining Fabrication, Labour Hire and have a CNC plasma cutting machine. Confab Engineering are situated in Bell Bay with their main source of customers coming from Bell Bay, Devonport & Hobart

East Arm Resources

Originally opened in the early 1970’s the quarry supplied armour rock and gravels to the Long Reach wood chip facilities. For the past 10 years the quarry has been operated by Will Archer supplying a range of products to the local community. In late 2021 the quarry embarked on a new journey employing a select group of well-known locals with significant construction materials experience and customer service expertise.


pitt&sherry is an Australian-owned engineering and environmental consultancy. Since 1963, we have been delivering engineering and environmental consulting, advisory and project management services throughout Australia and abroad.

Temtrol Technologies

As a privately owned and operated Tasmanian company, Temtrol Technologies prides itself on its delivery of exceptional industrial electrical contracting, including specialised services in optical fibre and the manufacturing of sensor products. Accountability is paramount to the operational ethics of the company, ensuring all work is delivered on time and on budget.

Hicksy's Hardware

Local business & local people employed in Georgetown. Hicksy's Hardware pride themselves on strong customer service & skilled staff. Hicksy's listen to their customers and are able to provide a diverse business, including nursery, landscaping, timber and plumbing for customers to obtain locally.

Abel Energy

ABEL Energy is an Australian green hydrogen and green methanol project developer, with a vision to become the largest owner and operator of green methanol production facilities in Australia and New Zealand.

Our pipeline of projects are focused on areas that are abundant in sustainable wind, water and biomass resources. Our flagship project, Bell Bay Powerfuels, is located at Bell Bay in Tasmania with three other sites under active investigation.

Countrywide Hydrogen

Countrywide Hydrogen (formerly Countrywide Renewable Energy) was founded in 2015 by passionate clean energy specialists Geoffrey and Inge Drucker, with a vision to become a leader in renewable energy generation and production.

Determined to make a contribution to a better world, the dynamic husband and wife duo’s first project was the 27MW Wangaratta Solar Farm.

The release of Dr Alan Finkel’s seminal paper Hydrogen for Australia’s Future in 2018 identified the market potential of hydrogen, heralding a new name and strategic direction for the company. Now Countrywide Hydrogen, the company’s sole focus became the origination and development of new hydrogen facilities to help meet emissions reduction targets.

Today, Countrywide Hydrogen has five renewable hydrogen projects underway – three in Tasmania and two in Victoria – with a pipeline of new projects both locally and offshore.


Timberlink is a leading producer of sustainably grown Australian Radiata Pine timber products, The Ultimate Renewable™, and is at the forefront of integrated forestry and softwood manufacturing in Australia.

Timberlink operates two regional large scale timber manufacturing facilities, one in Bell Bay, Tasmania, and the other in Tarpeena, South Australia; with both sites solely processing plantation grown Radiata Pine sawlogs. Our sawn timber products are primarily used in commercial and residential construction and industrial remanufacturing applications. Typical uses include house framing, pergolas, decks, landscaping, pallets and through use of our residue streams in packaging and paper.

Timberlink is owned by investment funds managed by New Forests. This integrated supply chain supports the certainty to continue to invest in building a world class timber products business and long-term supply for Timberlink customers.

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