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Bell Bay Advanced Manufacturing Zone is accessible by all manner of transport. Adjacent to a major port, connected by a state-of-the-art digital broadband network and supported by quality infrastructure, making a compelling case for Bell Bay Advanced Manufacturing Zone as one of Australia’s foremost regional industrial zones.

Image by Holden Baxter

The Bell Bay Advanced Manufacturing Zone is well connected via a network of roads to all Tasmanian cities and major ports.

The Bell Bay Advanced Manufacturing Zone is adjacent to the East Tamar highway linking Bell Bay to Launceston (35 minutes). Classified as a Category 1 Trunk Road, the highway caters for heavy transport vehicles such as B Doubles. The East Tamar Highway provides easy access to Launceston airport (50 minutes) and also links to the national highway which provides access to the major Tasmanian cities of Hobart (two hours, 50 minutes), Devonport (one hour, 35 minutes) and Burnie (two hours, 15 minutes).

Bell Bay Advanced Manufacturing Zone

Approximately 60 kilometres from Bell Bay, Launceston Airport provides air freight services and direct passenger air links to Australia’s three major populations centre, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Ideally located to multi-modal connections of rail and road, the airport currently facilitates the transit of over 1.25 million passengers per annum and continues to expand and enhance its operations in line with increased passenger numbers and business demand.

In addition, the George Town aerodrome, a local airport, provides services for the George Town municipality. George Town aerodrome is located approximately seven kilometres from the Zone.

Bell Bay Rail

TasRail operates safe, reliable and competitive freight rail and logistics services statewide. Opened in September 2015, the newly developed George Town Freight Terminal is located in the heart of the Industrial Precinct, just 3.5 kilometres by rail from the port of Bell Bay.

The well designed facility offers multi-modal options, secure intermodal and bulk storage and direct connections to major ports and freight terminals located at Brighton, Burnie, Devonport, Conara and Launceston. With a modern, new fleet of locomotives and wagons, and a proven track record of experience in logistics capability across the supply chain, TasRail offers industry in the region increased flexibility and capacity for moving product to market.

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