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Hydrogen Hub

Bell Bay is now officially one of Australia’s main Hydrogen Hubs, with the State and Federal Government releasing over 150M to support and attract new renewable industry.

Hydrogen (H), a colourless, odourless, tasteless, flammable gaseous substance that is the simplest member of the family of chemical elements. It is also the most prevalent of substances in the universe. Green hydrogen is made from renewable, non-carbon emitting processes such as electrolysis.

Green ammonia refers to ammonia, which has been produced through a process that is 100% renewable and carbon-free using the hydrogen from water electrolysis and nitrogen separated from air.

Tasmania has a unique opportunity to lead the global transition for the manufacture of green hydrogen and ammonia as green hydrogen and ammonia is made from renewable ‘green’ energy such as hydro, wind and solar and combined with a sustainable supply of fresh water.

Green hydrogen and green ammonia is important as it offers the global economy a pathway for decarbonising and significantly reducing the use of fossil fuels. It is currently used as a gas and liquid for many different industries and is often used to provide electricity in the fuel cells of automobiles or in internal combustion engines.

Image by Federico Beccari
Industry & Business 

The Tasmanian government has funded the Industry Capability Network (ICN). BBAMZ will work with potential businesses who are looking to engage in the hydrogen supply chain.This will be a key tool for hydrogen proponents as they start to develop their supply chains into hydrogen manufacturing. 

Image by Benjamin Davies
Workforce Skills

Identifying the skills required to work in the Hydrogen Industry will be critical.  BBAMZ will work with the Tas Govt to identify the skills, jobs and workforce required to support a Hydrogen Industry in Bell Bay.

Image by Hannah Busing
Community Engagement

The development of a hydrogen industry is an important opportunity for the ongoing development and diversity of the Tasmanian economy. The manufacture of green hydrogen takes advantage of our globally significant water resources and capacity to generate renewable electricity and is a future pathway to greater economic and community prosperity.

As the industry progresses into development, it will be important that the community is kept well-informed and able to seek answers to questions in a timely manner.

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