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KEEN Partners

KEEN Partners

An initiative of BBAMZ, group training provider, Key Education and Employment Network (KEEN Partners Pty Ltd), was established in 2018 to enhance employment opportunities and provide skilled labour for the region.

BBAMZ had identified businesses in the zone were struggling to recruit short-term relief skilled labour to fill positions, particularly during peak periods of leave. Most businesses in the zone were reliant on traditional employee hire companies for supplementary labour and it was becoming more challenging to find staff with suitable skill sets and expertise in advanced manufacturing. There was also a common belief among members that a training gap existed between industry needs and education providers.

"Keen Partners has been established to bridge the divide between employers looking for work-ready employees and for employees looking for meaningful employment."

Ray Mostogl, executive director and CEO, KEEN Partners

KEEN Partners Pty. Ltd. is transforming the way training, traineeships and apprenticeships have traditionally been managed and organised.

KEEN employs ‘short-term relief staff’ on a full-time basis. These staff are then contracted to businesses when required. In ‘times of low demand, these employees remain employed with KEEN Partners.

Additionally, KEEN can react quickly and provide responsive local resourcing to business.

Based in George Town, KEEN also employs an area manager and administration manager.

KEEN is committed to developing a long-term strategy for the future labour needs of the region.

“As a community, I feel that it is all businesses, both large and small, who are responsible for future-proofing regions from possible market downturns. Through these discussions we can better achieve a united front.”

Roger Aalbregt, Chair, KEEN

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